7 1/4″ “Toby-The-Steam-Train” battery electric locomotive and train set


“Toby-the Steam-Tram” battery electric locomotive, full riding car and combine passenger/engineer car in 7 1/4” gauge.

  • Equipped with the latest in battery charger technology (in-built to the loco) for longest dual lead acid battery life.
  • Speed/direction controls are remote to the loco on the passenger/engineer car.
  • Provided with three ~2-ft high dollies with casters for garage storage and two car/truck rail platforms for transport purposes.
  • Very good condition. Very little use. Excellent performer even with full passenger load. MRC sound system and amplifier installed.
  • All fittings are polished marine grade stainless steel. Independent white head and red flashing tail lights complete the package.

Asking: $8,000 Cdn.

Contact: Ron Watt
Hamilton, Ontario
GHLS member