7 1/4″ Gauge Buffers

I have for sale two pair British style buffers, sealed in bags, never opened; suitable for the front and rear of one wagon or engine.  They are made by PNP Railways and are described by PNP as follows: –

The PNP Railways buffer and stock coarse scale has been designed for use on 7¼” gauge wagons. The round head contributes greatly to elevating buffer lock as it is prevented from turning by the square shank.  The buffer and stock are manufactured in a strong glass filled thermoplastic. The buffer is complete with moulded in threaded metal shaft. The stock has mounting holes moulded in. Springs, washers and nuts included.

The listed price is £21.00 for a pair.  At today’s exchange rate and with shipping the cost would be over $40.00.  They can be yours for only $30.00 a pair.

Contact: Mike Shacklock at shacklom@gmail.com or 905 645 6611, Hamilton.

PNP PNR-9H Buffer & Stock