7 1/4″ or 7 1/2″ tie plates


Steel Tie Plates for 7 ¼” and 7 ½” gauge

These stamped steel tie plates are professionally produced by the Hamilton Stamping Company in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and exclusively distributed by 7BY4 Enterprises Inc. of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

They are both pressed out of high quality steel using an 80 ton stamping press. They are designed to handle any loads that you can throw at them. Note that they are very heavily built.

These products match the scale profile steel rail produced by Cromar White of England. Cromar White’s description of their steel rail can be found below.

These been in use for over a decade on the Golden Horseshoe Live Steamers track (see GHLS) in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  GHLS uses Cromar White’s steel rail. They have used the tie plates with both recycled plastic ties and wooden ties and they work equally well with both. GHLS use two stainless steel screws per tie plate which is more than adequate. The additional two holes in the tie plate are available should there be a need to re-attach the tie plate in case of damage to the screw hole.

We can provide these products in a number of finishes depending on your specific needs and the number required.  Please address enquiries to Russ Milland of 7BY24 Enterprises at rmilland@cogeco.ca or 289-362-3420.

Below you will find a photo of the actual product.


Tie Plate #2

Cromar White Steel Rail

(See http://www.cromarwhite.co.uk/products.php?id=9 )



“Our ever popular 27mm steel rail rolled in the UK with particularly tough and hard wearing properties.

Recommended for all applications of private, club or commercial 5, 7¼, 7½in and light weight 10¼ in railways

This is a popular choice of rail throughout the UK, and we have supplied to many other parts of the world. Matches our 27mm alloy rail.

Supplied in 4000mm lengths (13 ft). Weight 7.72kg per length.”